Business Plan for Start-up

Starting a business can be a minefield, with so much jargon and conflicting advice. Our aim is to help our clients through this process and give as much as they need. Goldmine Consultants team has a wide breath of knowledge and is able to communicate using simple language. Good business plan is the foundation of any business. A good business plan will provide a strong platform for successful growth of the business. A good business plan provides a clear view of the business purpose and enables this to be communicated to partners and staff.

Predict future impacts and contain actions to ensure they do not threaten for the business. Goldmine Consultants supports to put strong plans in place reach financial goals and deal with essential resource needs in the planning process.

Financial Analysis & Modelling

Goldmine Consultants can objectively review your finances where internal analysis could lead to political conflict, possible conflict and blame avoidance.

We carefully review with an analytical method; with care and respect with issues made available, direct to the business leader and in some case, secretly where discretion will lead to transparency, enabling solutions to be suggested.

Our aim is to look at ways to enhance investor prosperity and find out existing performance that are destroying investor prosperity, and as such, we would look at the following:

o             Financial analysis
o             Balance sheet
o             Cash flow
o             Income statements
o             Inventory
o             Profit
o             Turnover
o             Share capital

Development of Business Case

It is crucial to certify that business proposals place forward for financial support not only meet up the needs of the business tactic, but also bring the requirement profits expected by both shareholders and stakeholder. Goldmine Consultants can help you gain assurance from the key stakeholders, as well as investment institutions through visibly presented rationale, joined to a structure for informed decision. We can provide assistance with the following:-

o             Possibility study
o             Strategic business case
o             Outline business case
o             Full business case

Financial Market and Portfolio Analysis

It is very difficult for new investor or new business to enter new market. Risk is the big threat for new investor. Goldmine Consultants can help new business to enter new market without any risk. We use portfolio analysis, which help companies following:-

o             To evaluate alternative investment
o             Performance of investment fund
o             Measuring risk and return
o             Designing portfolios
o             Measuring the minimum risk portfolio
o             Determining efficient, inefficient and optimum portfolio
o             Pricing risk
o             Valuing equities and fixed income securities

Human Resource Management

We regularly review the surround performance, ensuring that the accurate strategies, business structure and processes are in place to allow staff to do the best of their abilities. Our human resource team can build individual and team performance, motivating ownership and willingness to contribute to business objectives. We have ability to best services, which clients to re-focus the resources where required to achieve development.

From a strategic perspective, Goldmine Consultants can re-evaluate your current practices and procedure and give advice doing best practices are being followed for:

o             Planning
o             Recruitment & Selection
o             Performance
o             Compensation
o             Retention & Downsizing
o             Flexibility
0             Motivation
o             Training and Development
o             Equality and Diversity

Sales Marketing

Goldmine Consultants can advise and training on sales channel, processes, people and their position to achieving results – with people factors covering areas such as sales personalities, building relationship, values and building trustworthiness. We also help clients and their sales staff with target setting. In the words of Abraham Lincoln “Think little goals and expect little achievements. Think big goals and win big success.”

Our consultancy can help you with competitive marketing strategy by taking a market-oriented to move-towards. It is important to create a competitive sustainable advantage, which will turn to guide a cost-effective position by develop the business ‘value chain’ by the following:

o             Analysis of the external environment and internal analysis
o             Segmentation, targeting and positioning strategy
o             Branding strategy
o             Service and marketing strategies
o             Pricing distribution
o             Marketing communication
o             E marketing

Change Management

We work with our clients to achieve the benefits of change whether determined through unexpected development opportunities, market position, investor, merger, acquisition or downsizing.

We support our clients to design new organizations and have ability to redesigning existing. Assessing all the elements of an organization and its functioning surroundings and performing to bring them into position has given our clients outstanding results, allowing them to perform perfectly. Goldmine Consultants has knowledge driven change, human resource management, organizational plan, communication and development plans. Goldmine Consultants can help to manage this process by:

o             Change management planning
o             Influencing factors which create change
o             Developing communications strategies
o             Implementing effective change control
o             Benefits realization